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Wednesday, March 31, 2010 @ clarify

Well,I was shocked of Junnie's msg.

I don't know what make u said this but I believe there is sth wrong here.

If u r referring abt the husky,urmm.well,I am not the one who bought him back,he was abandoned by sum china student in my college and sumone asked me to foster him for tempo..

but my situation is not allowed me 2 keep him forever,i was juz a student that rely on my parents,n my house have no big compound n my antr dog,bobo is dislikes of him,thats why i chose 2 send him away lastly.

I can swear to god,I did nothing wrong to him,most of the times when I recalled the moment when we got together,I feel very heart pain..

but if you refer to the skin disease of bobo,well,I used to be like those nervous-ganjiong owner,immediately bring my dog to vet if she has anythings wrong,I even can skip my class to do so..but after a while ,I realized that I was being little u und why I being ignorant at first.

but good news is she is fully recovered and live very happily worries.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 @ ︷✿‧:﹎。❤‧Bobo is injured:❉:‧ .。.:*・❀

Haizzz,never know there is a disease like this

I came back from Taipei lasu Sunday and found out there is sth weird on bobo's neck there.I didn't really pay attention to that because I believe dog have ability of self recover.

Until today,gosh,I saw da wound is bleeding ,therefore quickly runnning 2 vet to seek for helps

This is a disease that inherited by her parents.Worms are inside her wound n paws..

The vet shaved her,apply meds,gave good dog kibbles(royal canin which I dun really trust the brand),shampoo..n he said this disease is cannot be recovered fully,have to make sure her immune system is always functioned well.

Wth...and it costs me RM251.DAMN..

Sunday, November 01, 2009 @ hello

BoZhaiYun has a new haircut!

we actually waited her for almost 3-4 hours,this fella is really ba bai,we will get scolded if need mum waiting ,but not her!!! since she is my mum's fat choy dog.(although she is black)

ok well,my mum said she likes crocker spaniel as well,she admits that she attacted by their furs color,its gold enough to be liked of Chinese.

I played with the sugar glider,they arent tat cute,(i kind of scare their big n black eyes,feel like 2 "tuk" it,but their furs is really soft n smooth ,like high class clothes.

I petted a baby chow chow n wonder if he really can see or not.

Finally its done and damn it,rm90 .so damn expensive..luckily i brought my mum,ngek!

and I found her she become sensitive and easy irritated after came home..but who cares? i still love her .

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 @ miss him so so much.

the little fur kid was given to my sister's friend

he was sick n sent 2 hospital for  few days,supposed that I should go 2 visit him,but I know I surely unable to control my emotion .For not embarrased myself,I just let it be.Placing him in hospital is safest way to keep him I guess.Lol

what can I say? after so many days,I still miss him like crazy.Giving him away is just like cut off a part of my heart

Dont keep animals if you need someone else to worry about ur kids!!!

Monday, October 05, 2009 @ bobo is sick
few days ago,I was awake by some weird I opened the light n tryin 2 see what was happend.
n realized that BOBO was throwing out some watery things..

I thought thats not a big deal since she used 2 be like tat . until today I found out tat she refuse 2 eat ,immediately brought her 2 vet dis morning

gt an injection n taken father,maid,even the oldest sista all came n helped,just wanna throw the pill in her throat,bt it we forced to mix it in her foods..oh,she doesn't wan2 eat kibbles,so i ran 2 petshop in one u 2 get her some tins.Dog loves tinned foods.

hope she wil getiin better.:) my dear bobo

Thursday, September 17, 2009 @ The album of young husky

Trust me,he is sleeping.

@ The Yoga Guru

What can I say?


Tuesday, September 08, 2009 @ Someone ...

Someone is very choosy,especially when things comes to sleeping.

Supposed the other single bed is belongs to my sister,but,the bravo has taken it .

without fears.

We allow her to come on bed because she still respect me afterthat,

but for Oh Oh,definitely a big NO !

@ I havent made decision yet.

lets pics do the talking.

Oh oh,3 mths big,I have been keeping him for 2 mths,

and still thinking whether wanna let him go or not.


will upload his very babe pics soon.

oh hello stranger
Woaf stranger, do you like dogs? I oh-so-love dogs, they give me high sensations. If you hate dogs, I hate you. So, go join the anti-dogs-ians and hide in a corner.

My name is BoZhaiYun, yea,a chinese medicide which has banned. I love Durians! :D My mama says that i can't eat too much of durians. So my dream is to create a durian-flavored of dog foods! And durian-flavoured toys, meat and possibly, cage. I also want to design durian-peel clothes. Bwahahaha, DOGS N DURIANS SHALL DOMINATE THE WORLD!
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